How to A/B Test your Landing Page to Maximize Conversions



You’ve got a landing page , and you know the mistakes you need to avoid, but do you know how to A/B test your landing page for conversions?

A/B testing is the basis for optimization in online marketing. Ads, landing pages, websites and marketing emails should all be tested periodically to ensure your business is getting the best ROI you can.

This article will jump headfirst into the world of landing page A/B testing, and leave you still swimming on the far side. I’ll break it down into the main variables you need to be testing, show you concrete examples of how that test would look and give you real-world case studies to show how testing these variables can affect your landing pages.

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10 typography mix you cannot go wrong with


1. Georgia & Verdana : web standard
2. Helvetica (Bold) & Garamond : classic
3. Bodoni & Futura : fashion magazine
4. Franklin Gothic (Demi) & Baskerville
5. Caslon (Bold) & Univers (Light) : for display
6. Frutiger (Bold) & Minion : readibility
7. Minion (Bold) & Myriad
8. Gill Sans (Bold) & Garamond
9. Clarendon & Trade Gothic : clean
10. Avenir & Minion

Source: Adobe